Maintenance & Engineering

The Maintenance & Engineering platform is a suite of applications that enhance the facility’s ability to perform shortened and cost effective outages, manage maintenance agreements with a standard process map and alert system, better track serialized turbine components and minimize risks associated with usage and repairs, and more easily validate the costly operating hours and starts invoices from the LTSA providers through accurate and automated reports.

A comprehensive application designed based on industry standards with the goal of cost-effectively achieving Best Practices. An easy-to-use outage preparation tool to allow Outage Managers, Asset Managers, and Engineers to optimally manage the significant number of tasks related to outages and plant turn-arounds. Bundled with easy to interpret and multifaceted reporting tools ensuring tracking, trending and risk identifications are managed proactively.

Value attributes:

  • Standards for each outage
  • Strategy
  • Efficient use of time related to communications and task management
  • Time savings for outage teams and reporting requirements
  • Cost savings relate to outages as a result of early detection and risk mitigations
  • Automated alerts for communication improvement
  • Individual development of team members through accessibility and reporting

Assist service companies to optimally prepare for outages through dynamic and configurable milestones that help to achieve customer satisfaction by reducing cost, minimizing risk and improve communications.

Value attributes:

  • Standard process for planning outages and the pursuit of continuous improvement
  • Easy communication and coordination to the customer
  • Single location for storing all project files and documents
  • Proven cost savings and schedule reductions resulting in an improved competitive advantage
  • Alerts and remote field access keeps teams and office support aligned
  • Status reports and daily reports improve customer satisfaction

A tool to be used to improve service agreement processes and oversight. This application is a major maintenance management standard promoting a better understanding of one’s LTSA and requirements contained within.

Value attributes:

  • Standard process for easier understanding of complex agreements
  • Processes to ensure the most appropriate actions are taken and on time
  • Alerts to assist managers in actions required to fulfill LTSA necessary elements
  • Capable of a module linked to the Major Equipment hours tracking application; optimally managing the process based on dynamic data points
  • Reporting elements to better manage staff and vendors to glean savings
  • Identification of plant / company risks and a process to manage the perceived mitigates

An application built for “smart” critical inventory items commonly associated / required for one’s prime movers. Regardless of ownership of parts, the end user is liable for components installed into the plant equipment and the burden is substantial when tracking serial numbered parts that are removed, inspected and possibly refurbished/retrofitted. The ep3 application uses field capable tablet photo apps to allow for efficient and accurate real time collection of necessary data. The server application manages those data to report history, validation of components, position, unit, etc. This application is an enabler for the LTSA applications and while not required is a benefit as the parts are closely linked to the management of the agreement. A dependency is for Major equipment hours/starts as the accuracy of the critical inventory tracking is dependent on dynamic operating data being available.

Value attributes:

  • Serial number tracking
  • Life reporting of components for contract validation
  • Improved style/type tracking ensuring quality is tracked
  • Repair reporting to better manage shop usage and assessments

Allow component repair companies to manage serialized components from receipt and inspection, through the repair process and through to final inspection and shipment. This is accomplished by utilizing both static and dynamic forms during each step in the repair process.

Value attributes:

  • Centralized document repository for all inspection and repair information
  • Easy-to-use field entry screens to maximize quality entry and reduce hard copy paperwork
  • Improve accessibility to repair history and tracking of components within the shop
  • Conduct analysis of repairs, components, and operational data more efficiently
  • Improve customer satisfaction and one’s competitiveness through the easy reporting and communications

An application designed to partner with one’s PI® (OSI) system and efficiently generate accurate operating statistics and reports. Tools for better managing the difficult task of prime mover operating information used to validate monthly invoices, forecasting of outages, capital expenditures, and optimizing outage schedules. This application is an enabler to the LTSA application to augment the management of OEM and third party component and service providers.

Value attributes:

  • Standard data retrieval
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Quick and accurate indicators
  • Itemized claims, responses and actions
  • Ease of comparing vendor submitted invoices and processing
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