Press Release

September 2016


Achieving Compliance with an Intuitive, Competitively Priced Software Application

Compliance is often a word defined as adherence to standards, regulations, and other external regulatory requirements. In the power industry, as well other industrial sectors, compliance is often discussed in association with a company’s liabilities, fines, and public relations. Most companies are likely to manage compliance in a slightly different way, however, the goal is the same, each and every company wants to meet all of its internal and external regulatory requirements. If this is accomplished, companies will find themselves meeting the expectations of their Board, senior management, and, most importantly, the local, state and federal agencies.

Organizations often rely on one of the many software tools that are available to assist a company and its functional areas in meeting their compliance goals. Unfortunately, companies often find a common theme across these software tools which includes; a very high purchase price, complexity of use, accessibility issues, excessive IT requirements, and different software tools for each functional area’s compliance needs.

ep3, a Santa Fe, New Mexico based software company, has announced the release of “CPM”, a software application which promises to resolve many of the compliance challenges listed above. ep3’s latest cloud-based application allows companies to manage all of its functional area compliance requirements in a single user friendly system. ep3’s latest release comes loaded with substantial functionality and capabilities. To note only a few; CPM has the ability to store related files that are tagged to the compliance obligation which simplifies compliance program management, the system’s onboard scheduler continuously monitors requirements and automatically generates action through email alerts which includes an alert escalation process, the software application also includes working reports and dashboards making compliance program monitoring easy and efficient, and an interactive compliance calendar capable of monitoring all locations and functional areas.

Malcolm Hubbard, ep3’s COO, states that “the application design was focused on not only the big picture challenges of compliance but on the day-to-day user who is often the first line of defense for most company’s compliance processes”. An example was noted by Mr. Hubbard when he described the CPM template functionality that ensures each user has the correct form, procedure, and other necessary protocol at their fingertips. This comprehensive approach is available with only a couple clicks of the mouse versus endlessly searching for documents and still not being sure it’s they are the correct version.

Whether you are in tax, construction, legal, health & safety or any of the other functional areas striving to meet its compliance challenges ep’s CPM application is sure to impress and ensure your compliance program continues to provide value to the company while minimizing resource strain.

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