Asset Management

The Asset Management platform houses applications related to facility equipment and their impacts. Managing risks and capital expenditures has become burdensome and often defines a facility's ability to adequately operate, market oneself, and retain insurance coverage. Mitigation management is critical to understanding both risks and benefits to sufficiently promote the methodology of engineered decision making. Root cause analysis and reporting are part of the asset management platform to ensure the facility have valued the failure mode cause and effect via standard processes.

Optimally manage regulatory requirements, internal policies and standards, lender mandates and other compliance requirements with a user-friendly application. This application not only schedules your actions via email alerts, but also tracks and reminds personnel prior to the due date. Managing through templates and the document repository ensures a comprehensive and successful compliance program.

Value attributes:

  • Manage all compliance requirements in a single system at the plant level or fleet level
  • Rely on the system scheduler to provide email alerts when actions are required, to ensure activities are preformed to maintain compliance
  • Use a standard process across the organization to monitor and manage compliance
  • Store all compliance templates and validation documents in a single location for ease of filing and access
  • Use the application from the site or remotely to ensure progress and actions are well managed

Capture and rank all identifiable risks allowing a company to reduce potential impacts through an internal mitigation management process. The program can be fully integrated with other Quad C™ applications allowing all profiled risks to be managed within a single tool.

Value attributes:

  • Organize all company risks in a single application
  • Rank, profile, and prioritize each risk based on severity, potential impact and mitigation controls
  • Dynamically communicate with other ep3 applications to maximize effectiveness and without manual entry
  • Monitor risk entries and validation quick and easy through dashboards and indicators
  • Manage mitigation actions through the emails alerts and action management process

Store, manage, and track documents using ep3’s intelligent mapping process; making search capabilities and retrieval easier for the user including version management. Data rooms are available for heightened security and management-of-change processes when working with external resources.

Value attributes:

  • Single location for all ep3 application related files
  • Auto profiling making file retrieval easy and efficient
  • File origin applications promotes required data without entering information manually
  • Data rooms allow 3rd party support personnel and the internal team to effectively collaborate
  • Document history tracked to ensure oversight and version control
  • Remote access with mobile devices ensure easy access of any file

An application to allow for a single repository of all considered or recommended capital improvement projects. Linked with the Risk application for the purpose of mitigates derived from capital projects. Supports improved business planning processes, standard justification methodology, and spend profiling to support good business decisions.

Value attributes:

  • Organized project planning
  • One location of all proposals
  • Document repository for all engineering and justification material associated
  • Authorization and spend release managed through the application

A data management tool designed to pull potential causal factors from other QuadC applications reducing the manually entered data points and improving the resource efficiency, associated with identifying critical elements to determine the cause of failures.

Value attributes:

  • One location for all known RCA reports and associated documents
  • Event and response log
  • Insurance coverage and shareholder relief as a result of event and analysis management
  • Reports and documents (documents is plural) storage for improved equipment history

An application assembled to make operating and maintenance report writing efficient and less difficult. Using ep3's smart tablet photo application and configurable meta data element of outage reporting, Root Cause Analysis, Inventory reports, etc. are auto generated making your effort specific to the language required to capture the summary elements.

Value attributes:

  • Organized photo assembly
  • Structured reports and templates
  • Selectable photo and captured data tables for inclusion
  • Selectable standard phrases and comments to reduce manual entry
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