October 2016

Competitive Power Ventures Chooses ep3’c Lessons Learned Software Application

ep3, a Santa Fe, New Mexico based software company, is pleased to announce that Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) has selected ep3’s Lesson Learned Management (LLM) software application to enhance their company’s lessons learned program. CPV is a leading North American electric power generation development and asset management company head-quartered in Silver Spring, Maryland.

ep3’s intuitive LLM software application allows a company to more formally manage their lessons learned by taking the process from the quickly forgotten, all-too-common handwritten list or spreadsheet to a formal program which allows for each lesson learned to be effectively communicated within the fleet based on established criteria, managed through assigned actions, and each location’s outcome captured along with all related documentation…a tool for efficiently pursuing continuous improvement.

September 2016

ep3 Announces Release of Compliance Management Software - 60 Day Trial Available

ep3, a Santa Fe, New Mexico based software company, is pleased to announce the release of “CPM”, a compliance management software application.

ep3’s latest cloud-based software is a competitively priced application which allows companies to optimally manage regulatory requirements, internal policies, lender mandates as well as ten other uniquely managed compliances areas. This user-friendly application not only schedules both internal and external compliance obligations by way of actions and email alerts, it also tracks and reminds personnel prior to the critical due date. In addition to the process management aspects of the software application, the application allows users to manage related templates and documentation through a document repository creating a comprehensive and successful compliance program.

As part of the initial product launch, ep3 is offering select customers a 60-day trial period. The CPM application not only provides customers with an intuitive process for managing a single facility or the entire fleet, it also allows you to manage multiple compliance area obligations in a single system. For further details, please contact

October 2015

The managing partners of ep3 are pleased to announce that Rajkumar “Raj” Sunchukeshava has joined ep3 as our Chief Technology Officer. Raj brings to ep3 his extensive expertise in the design and development of software architecture. Raj has over a decade of experience in the power industry alone with an impressive track record of improving organizational intelligence that has reduced operational costs and improved data quality. Raj will be leading our cross-functional design teams in our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with software solutions that make their jobs easier. Please join us in welcoming Raj to our team.

September 2015

ep3 has issued a press release on September 9th announcing its Outage Management Metrics (“OMM”) application. OMM is an intuitive, multifaceted tool that helps manage the many tasks involved in an outage. OMM is one part of ep’s Quad C® platform. OMM offers a cost-effective solution to improve the outage process for a plant or fleet of plants.

August 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of a Photo Capture feature. This unique feature can be added to a number of Quad C applications allowing the end user to take a photo using any portable device with a camera and align the image with critical plant information associated with Quad C's outage and critical component management applications. This easy-to-use feature synchronizes the photo and stores it to the hosted application(s).

July 2015

Malcolm Hubbard has joined ep3 as Director, Operations & Customer Support. Malcolm comes to ep3 with over 20 years of plant operations, maintenance, and process management experience, most recently with InterGen, an international independent power company. Malcolm will serve on ep3's product design and development team as well as managing the companies operations staff and providing direct support to our customers.
ep3 welcomes Malcolm to our team.

June 2015

Quad C PatentTM Launched

The US Patent and Trademark Office approves trademark for Quad C product logo. The Quad C logo represents the company's cloud-based, four platform product line that offers tools for addressing the challenges of pre-commercial & acquisitions, maintenance & engineering, asset management and operations.

April 2015

Quad CTM Launched

Outage Management Metrics (OMM) goes live. OMM was chosen to be the foundation application within the Quad C product line. While challenging; all design principles were exceeded promoting the value of the Quad CTM foundation philosophies. Special thanks to our programming team, Quality Assurance staff and numerous industry professionals supporting beta testing.

July 2014

Sales Team

ep3 adds a southern California office. This location was chosen to optimally support sales and support for customers in the U.S. western region.

June 2014

Product Update

Security updates and protocol validation proved to surpass all expectations. Latency and user interface optimization was optimized ensuring the user experience was retained with maximum security protocols active.

May 2014

Hosting Agreement

ep3 partners with Microsoft Azure. During May 2014 ep3 finalized a long-term strategy with Microsoft for hosting services related to the Quad CTM Product line existing of the four primary platforms including Pre-Commercial & Acquisitions, Maintenance, Asset Management, and Operational. ep3’s hosting requirements were significant to ensure security, maintenance and quality met the requirement for the long-term benefits of all customers

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