Pre-Commercial & Acquisitions

The Pre-Commercial & Acquisition platform is a suite of applications supporting a facility in construction, commissioning, or being acquired (merged) regardless of its operating status. The design of each application is to improve the often undermanned and difficult tasks associated with the facilities commercial readiness. Application design elements are to safeguard the building one’s CMMS data tables, manage the seemingly endless construction punch list entries, provide an efficient warranty oversight process, reduce the burdens related to turn-over packages and testing, and allow for a merger & acquisition process to be managed through a software solution.

A comprehensive application designed based on company standards with the goal of cost-effectively achieving a rapid integration objective. An easy-to-use integration tool to allow project managers and acquisition leads to optimally manage the significant number of tasks related to mergers and acquisitions. This application focuses heavily on organizational intelligence and continuous improvements strategies to optimize the processes being used.

Value attributes:

  • Standard Process
  • Internal Task/Action management
  • Coordination and communications within a single system
  • Report generation by systems
  • Lessons and risks identified within to allow for continuous improvements

An application allows for accurate and efficient data entry regardless of your selected Maintenance Management System. Promoting reliable data tables for equipment, inventory, maintenance work orders and initial parts ordering; ensuring commercial readiness from an operation perspective.

Value attributes:

  • Standards
  • Strategy
  • Foundation for long-term processes
  • Ease of entry
  • Staff training and familiarization via data processing
  • Significant future value related to equipment history, CapEx, Root Cause, Prioritization, Parts sharing between assets, optimizing spend, etc.

This application is an easy to use and simply structured entry and reporting program for recording issues found at a facility while in a construction / startup phase. One module within the application is the “in field photo app” used to record and accept metadata efficiently, allowing for easy, accurate and report ready updates.

Value attributes:

  • Standard method for collecting field observations regardless who is collecting
  • Efficient use of technology to update the main database
  • Reporting functionality to validate closure
  • Functional system structure to make oversight manageable
  • Well structure process to obtain contractor and senior management buy-in
  • Easily outputted to the warranty application ensuring value retained and sought

A well-structured and easily managed database to proactively manage constructions turn-over documents for plant systems. This application promotes a sound methodology and ensures the vast amounts of data required to appropriately accept equipment and systems for commercial operations is met.

Value attributes:

  • Standard criteria built into the application
  • Easily communicated and understood requirements for acceptance
  • Well managed reporting to ensure proactive discrepancy management
  • Improved quality of plant system providing long-term value through reliability and availability

An application accompanying the punchlist process but structure to optimally managed warranty claims for the plant owners and management teams. Reports, tracking and invoice management ensuring value is obtained prior to concluding the warranty periods.

Value attributes:

  • Standard process
  • Transferable from punchlist to warranty
  • Report generation by systems
  • Itemized claims, responses and actions
  • Cost and settlement reporting
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